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When you pay your deposit to book a party or event, you are agreeing to provide a safe, clean environment for your party guests and for the Cast Members of Dreams Come True Princess Parties. Please be advised that we assume no responsibility or liability resulting from accidents or damage caused during your party to your guests and/or your property or the property of the venue.  Our Cast Members will attempt to ensure that your home (or venue) and guests are treated with care; however, liability will lie strictly with you.  Liability will also lie with you for any damage caused to costumes and/or equipment by party guests or environmental factors at/by/during/because of the party.  You must supervise all party activities and not leave children unattended. The Cast Members of Dreams Come True Princess Parties are there to entertain the guests, it is your responsibility to address and resolve behavioral problems and to care for children in the event of injury or illness.


You must pay the 50% deposit to secure your date. The rest must be paid by the day before the event. 

No refunds on initial deposit. 


If the Cast Members of Dreams Come True Princess Parties feel unsafe at your party for any reason, they will leave the premises immediately.  No inappropriate behavior or language of any kind will be tolerated.  An unsafe atmosphere violates the agreement and we are under no obligation to provide party or event services.


Copyright Note - All characters are lookalikes and are not intended to violate any existing copyright laws. Our characters are based on folklore, fairy tales, and public domain stories. 

Thank you so much!!

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