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"I am SO IMPRESSED by this company! They are professional, responsive, and were a huge hit at my daughter's party! I would absolutely hire them again and recommend to anyone looking to book a princess party to use them! Thank you for the lovely, memorable experience!"

"These girls are amazing!! They came to my daughter's 4th birthday party and were so great with all of the kids. They all loved the activities they did with them! I can't say enough great things about Dreams Come True Princess Parties!"

"Dreams Come True really made my daughter's birthday dreams come true. Their customer service is second to none. They worked endlessly with me to schedule our princess. And the princess's voice was so beautiful- they really sing, not lip-sync! We will absolutely be hiring them again!"

Lindsay J.

Molly H.

Jacqueline O.

"We had the best time with Anna and Elsa for my 4 year old's birthday. They kept a dozen 3 and 4 year olds entertained and excited for an hour and the kids loved it. My daughter is still talking about it days later and we can't wait to have them back again! I just cannot brag enough on how amazing these young women are. They go above and beyond and my daughter truly thinks she is surrounded by royalty and they treat her like a princess."

"Dreams Come True Princess Parties is an excellent addition to any party. My 5 year and 7 year old enjoyed having princesses at their parties. The process is smooth and they respond in a timely manner. The princesses that came were so sweet to all the children and very patient with the over-excited children. They sing, dance, and do sweet activities with them. It was a hit with everyone. Highly recommend!"

"We loved having the Mermaid Princess come to my 5 year old's birthday party! The girls loved singing, dancing, making princess jewelry, hearing a story, and playing Princess Says. I highly recommend this company for an amazing princess experience! I can't wait to take my girl to more events that they have!

Julia R.

Steph M.

Audrey P. 

"My daughter loved the Miracle Princess! She did a great job getting my daughter out of her shell and they sang songs and danced together. We also had story time and got an autograph. Truly magical!"

"I have taken my daughter to several princess parties and she has a blast every time! The princesses are very professional and do a wonderful job with the kids! If your child loves princesses I highly recommend! We will be booking for my daughter's birthday in June!"

"I am so grateful for the attention  yesterday on my daughter's birthday. You were very special and patient, the presentation was impeccable, very beautiful and the girls were very happy. I was more excited than anyone. It was magical. Many felt that they were really at Disney with the beautiful princess."

Rebecca B.

Ashley W.

Nayfe I.

"Highly recommend!!! We have loved the various events and our princess birthday visit will definitely be repeated next year. A note from Rapunzel is still proudly displayed on our refrigerator door months later." 

"We were first introduced to these princesses at their Thanksgiving party event. They were so professional and so friendly to my initially reserved/nervous toddler. They had cute songs and dances, crafts, etc. I'm looking forward to working with them more in the future!"

"Amazing experience!!! They are top notch! Any mom would be honored to have role models like these ladies for their girls! I couldn't ask for a more professional crew and more polite owner and staff!"

Jacki L.

Brenna S.

Elise W.

"Dreams Come True is amazing - we were at a birthday party with Spiderman a few weeks ago and he was great with the kids, asking them to race, jumping on trampolines with them and of course posing for all the pics anyone wanted!"

"Thank y'all so much for an amazing time! My six year old had a blast! Looking forward to the next event!"

"We loved our doorstep visit from the Ice Queen today! She was fantastic!"

Kristin B.

Laura S.

Kaitlin S.

"I simply cannot say enough great things about my experience. We booked Rapunzel and Flynn for my daughter's birthday party and I was completely blown away by their professionalism and especially their vocal talent. Would hire them again in a heartbeat- the expressions on my daughter's face were absolutely priceless!"

"After our trip to Disney and nt being able to see Ariel, my 10 year old was so upset. Dreams Come True Princess Ariel absolutely made her day!! She was so great with the girls and they are still talking about how much fun they had."

"My daughter had her 4th birthday with the Mermaid Princess and the Beauty Princess. They kept her short attention span the whole time. She had a blast! We will be booking them again for my other daughter's birthday!"

Anna L.

Leslie F.

Kristin T.

"The girls had the BEST time at the party! All the parents were impressed with the Snow Sisters! They were so kind and patient with the littles and their voices were absolutely incredible! Thank you so much!! We will never forget the magical experience you all brought us!"

"Thank you so much!! This was an amazing experience and I absolutely love the costumer service that is given from the very start. My daughter had a wonderful birthday and her friends enjoyed it so much."

"My daughter Lucia and her friends had the best experience ever. It was the perfect birthday. Thanks for making my daughter's birthday wish come true. My daughter woke up this morning and said: I miss her, I wish she could come again and play and sing with me!"

Laurin S.

Jessica G.

Patricia J.

"Absolutely fabulous and professional! Rapunzel was PERFECT. She was so patient with my shy little one (who only stayed shy about 10 minutes). Her voice was spectacular. Seriously, she belongs on Broadway. Honestly, she was so wonderful. I cannot wait to use Dreams Come True for future parties. We will have memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for a magical time!"

"We had Mirabel from Encanto at our 4 year old's birthday party! She was absolutely perfect! Sang, danced, read a book, and signed autographs for the kids!"

"We had the Snow Sisters come visit us a few days ago, and y'all! It was incredible!! They did so good, they took time with the birthday girl and made her feel special and like she was a princess as well! They play the characters so well, it's like you're in the movie with them! They both have wonderful singing voices as well! I HIGHLY recommend them and this company! The process was easy and explained well! Worth every penny!"

Hannah W.

Sarah L.

Melanie B.

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